Internet Sales

Alumont Corporation does not support internet sales. Purchasing via the internet may limit or void your warranty as Alumont requires any shipment out of a dealer’s local area to be delivered via “White Glove Service” that will deliver, set-up and remove packaging. You may view our full policy via the link below. Alumont Corporation feels that your best buying experience will be with a local dealer and encourage you to use our dealer lookup to find a dealer in your area.


Alumont Corporation’S Policy Regarding: (1) the use of Alumont Corporation’s tradenames, trademarks or proprietary materials on dealer (non-Alumont Corporation) websites; (3) listing or advertising selling prices on dealer websites; and (3) transshipping:

Alumont Corporation (“Alumont”) is proud to have its authorized dealers make fair use of Alumontt’s tradenames, trademarks and proprietary materials for the purpose of providing prospective retail customers with knowledge about Alumont’s products, including the care of Alumont products and the range of products offered by Alumont. For those purposes -- and only those purposes -- authorized Alumont dealers, upon the terms stated herein, may make fair use of  Alumont’s tradenames or trademarks and utilize proprietary Alumont materials such as product photos and finish samples on their websites and may create links from their websites to Alumontt’s website. Non-authorized dealers are prohibited from using Alumont’s tradenames, trademarks or proprietary materials in any way.

Alumont does not approve the listing of selling prices for its product on its dealers’ websites and the use of the Alumont name, tradenames, trademarks or proprietary materials in connection with the listing of selling prices on dealer websites is strictly forbidden. Violation of this policy will be grounds for terminating a dealer’s relationship with Alumont.

It is Alumont’s policy to restrict its dealers’ sales to those customers in each dealer’s trading area, i.e., the geographic area surrounding the dealer’s physical location. Dealers shall not make or include on their websites any indication that they provide national distribution or distribution beyond their trading areas, for Alumont’s products. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, Alumont requires dealers seeking to transship or ship product to consumers outside their trading area to have such goods delivered to the consumer by a “white-glove” delivery service that delivers, assembles and removes all debris. Failure to use a “white-glove” delivery service will void all warranties and be grounds for terminating a dealer’s relationship with Alumont

Alumont sells only to authorized dealers and is selective in its distribution, reserving to itself the right to select its dealers; transshipping by an authorized Alumont dealer to any dealer that is not an authorized Alumont dealer is prohibited.